Image 50+ proteins simultaneously at resolution superior to light microscopy.


Analyze any tissue or sample type, whether fresh, frozen or FFPE.


Single antibody sensitivity and no background staining lets you visualize low abundance targets.



Simultaneously identify all major classes of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes to assess response to immuno-oncology interventions.


Analyze co-expression of dozens of proteins in brain biopsies with no background.

Clinical Trials

Identify biomarkers to guide treatment selection or demonstrate drug efficacy.

Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI) is a mass spectrometry based imaging platform that permits 50+ biomolecules (proteins, DNA, RNA) to be measured simultaneously on a single tissue selection with resolution surpassing light microscopy. 

Time-of-FlightMass Spec Primary Ion Gun AntibodiesLabeled with Elemental Isotopes Clinical tissue biopsy Secondary Elemental Ions Mass 1 2 3 N N-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE