Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI™) Technology

MIBI™ technology enables pathologists and scientists to gain new insights in understanding the tissue microenvironment with unmatched multiplexed IHC image quality.

High Multiplex Capability

Simultaneously stain and detect 40+ targets and observe cells with the whole picture of an intact tissue tumor microenvironment.

Unmatched Sensitivity

Detect and analyze all high, medium and low abundance targets in a single scan.

True Subcellular Resolution

Visualize and quantify cellular structures as small as 280nm for comprehensive cell-cell interaction studies.

Developed by Pathologists for Pathologists

MIBI™ technology provides a streamlined workflow for easy integration into a clinical pathology laboratory.

MIBI multiplexed IHC worflow

FFPE Tissue Staining

Follow a classic multiplexed IHC protocol using IONpath pathologist-validated or custom antibodies with any FFPE samples.

Multiplexed Tissue Imaging

One instrument to image and analyze tissue samples at low or high resolution. Precious tissue is conserved and may be scanned repeatedly.

Image QC and Analysis

MIBItracker Software provides easy image quality control and export of images into universal file formats for downstream analysis.


Learn How MIBI™ Technology Advances Your Research

hexagon partnership

Pharma Partnership

IONpath’s collaborative partnership services include multiplexed IHC assay panel development and in-depth analysis by our pathology and bioinformatics teams.

hexagon cell paper 2

MIBI Approach for TME

Learn how Keren et al. (Cell Publication) used MIBI™ technology to identify a patient sub-population responding to treatment in a Triple Negative Breast Cancer cohort.

hexagon data analysis

MIBI Data Analysis

High-resolution images enable quantitative methods such as cell segmentation and/or spatial analysis assessments to evaluate and characterize cells within the tumor microenvironment.

See Published MIBI™ Data using MIBItracker

MIBItracker Software’s unique, cloud-based repository lets you easily review slide and image data, and it’s easily accessible through a web browser. You can customize the display for each image or image set including selecting channels for overlay, setting channel relative intensity, pixel smoothing, and channel pseudo-color.

Multiplex IHC using MIBI Technology and MIBtracker

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November 5, 2019
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