Multiplexed imaging overview

Analyze tumor-immune interactions with MIBI.


Visualize dozens of proteins simultaneously including immune markers  

Characterize tumor-immune targets such as PD-1, PD-L1, and CTLA-4 with incredibly high fidelity.  Minimal Low background and a dynamic range of 10^5 makes MIBI an ideal platform for measuring low abundance targets.


Analyze clinical trial data with MIBI


MIBI is completely compatible with fresh, frozen, or FFPE samples

A single tissue section can be scanned over a hundred times or used for downstream applications after MIBI processing

Hundreds of cell surface and functional-analysis antibodies have been validated for MIBI


Discover new biological associations with MIBI


High parameter single-cell data can be derived from images to analyze complex cell type populations. 

Colocalization of multiple proteins.

Identification of tumor immune infiltrates. 

Convenient tools for viewing and exploring images and their derived statistics.