CD3 Antibody – 159Tb

Catalog: 715901                                            Clone: D7A6E                                          Reactivity: Human*
Storage: CD3ɛ antibody is supplied in protein-based stabilizer with 0.05% sodium azide. Store at 4°C
IHC: CD3ɛ antibody staining of FFPE
human tonsil
MIBI: CD3ɛ antibody staining (cyan) of FFPE human tonsil, counterstained with dsDNA (magenta)
IHC: CD3ɛ antibody staining of FFPE
human thymus
MIBI: CD3ɛ antibody staining (cyan) of FFPE human thymus; for clarity dsDNA is not  shown

Background: CD3 is found on all mature T cells, serving important roles for T cell development. CD3 is part of the T cell receptor that recognizes antigen, resulting in the activation of signaling pathways. During T cell development the intensity of the response to antigen is tightly controlled to select for responsive T cells that are not autoreactive. In disease, the lack of CD3 expression is associated with a severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) characterized by impairment of both humoral and cell-mediated immunity.

Validation: Each lot of conjugated CD3 antibody is quality control tested by MIBIscope™ analysis of stained tissue microarray using the appropriate positive and negative tissue field of views and are pathologist verified.

Recommended Usage: 1 uL of CD3 antibody per 100 uL staining volume using the MIBI™ Staining Protocol.
For optimal results, antibody should be titrated for each desired application.  Suggested starting range is 1:100.

MIBI technology: Learn more about MIBI Technology, a multiplex IHC technology with unmatched sensitivity and true subcellular resolution.


  • Guy, C. S. and Vignali, D. A. Organization of proximal signal initiation at the TCR: CD3 complex. Immunological
    Reviews. 2009; 232: 7-21.

* Conjugate tested on human tissue.

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