Pharma Partnership
IONpath’s Pharma Partnership is a collaborative IHC services that lets you integrate high-quality MIBIscope™ data into your biomarker validation, early clinical trial, or patient stratification projects to accelerate your research and development. Just send us your tissue samples and IONpath’s in-house scientists will manage the assay development, reagent validation, tissue staining, imaging and scanning. Our bioinformatics team will analyze the data and provide you with spatial information and quantitative single-cell analysis. You’ll have fully analyzed data at your fingertips and complete access to our internal experts, so you can get to the next steps in your project faster.

Pharma Partnership: IHC Services Workflow

pharma partnership workflow sample

Data Analysis

See examples of our comprehensive data analysis solutions provided to our current pharma partnership clients.
Jess Finn
“Our partnership program is perfect for clients that want to see what doors the MIBIscope can open for them, but either aren’t quite ready or don’t have the resources to bring it in-house yet. Our assay development, bioinformatics and pathology teams work as an extension of our client’s discovery teams, and in many cases can provide them with the expertise they don’t currently have access to.” Jessica Finn, MD Director of Pathology, IONpath
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