Ionpath at SITC 2022 – posters presented and real-time spatial phenotyping demo

Nov 10, 2022

UPDATED NOV 21, 2022

Learn about the impact of Ionpath’s multiplexed ion beam imaging (MIBI™) on advances in immunotherapy research

At this year’s Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) meeting, we look forward to reconnecting with colleagues and sharing some of the research that our scientists and customers have worked on in the last year using our MIBI™ platform. We are also excited for the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of this innovative spatial proteomics platform for supporting the development of cancer immunotherapies.

Immunotherapy for cancer continues to help an ever increasing number of patients. It is sometimes referred to as the fourth pillar of oncology treatment, alongside surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. There are still many open questions, leaving plenty of room for discovery and innovation. Some researchers are resorting to combining immunotherapies and finding solutions for drug resistant cancers. Other studies focus on predicting patient response to treatment and understanding how cancer cells trick the immune system. Tackling these kinds of questions requires spatially resolved biological information of the tumor microenvironment. Gaining a better understanding of how the immune system fights cancer and the identification of prognostic biomarkers will ultimately improve the efficacy of immunotherapies.

Ionpath’s MIBI technology is designed to enable comprehensive spatial phenotyping of the tumor microenvironment. We understand the importance of helping scientists get answers quickly, and we designed the MIBI system for speed, flexibility and convenience. The workflow includes labeling of up to 40 protein markers in a single step to generate high-resolution tissue images, distinguishing each protein in a single acquisition. Synthesizing that information instantaneously into a cell phenotype map reveals details of the immune infiltrate architecture within the tissue microenvironment. Ionpath’s MIBI provides a sample-to-answer solution that gives scientists the ability to go from sectioned tissue to informative insights in just 24 hours.

SITC2022 Poster 89

Poster 89

SITC2022 Poster 1294

Poster 1294

SITC2022 Poster 1446

Poster 1446

Posters that showcased MIBI-enabled research for a deeper understanding of the tumor microenvironment

We are pleased to share that several posters will showcase various aspects and examples of how the rapid MIBI workflow is supporting immunotherapy research. Researchers from the University of Minnesota, for example, will present a poster (#1446 “Multiplexed ion beam imaging identifies B-cell enrichment in the RHAMM-high invasive niche of breast cancer”) that shows how they used MIBI to quickly assess B-cell enrichment levels in invasive breast cancer.

Poster #89 “Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI) uncovers adaptive immune responses associated with clinical outcomes in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma treated with neoadjuvant PD-1 inhibitor” describes a study that set out to understand the impact of drug treatments that inhibit checkpoint proteins. The researchers used MIBI technology to explore immune cell activity in head and neck cancers before and after treatment.

The authors of poster #1096 find in murine syngeneic tumor models that an IL-12 INDUKINE molecule selectively activates tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and reprograms the tumor microenvironment.

Kothari et al. present on poster #1352 a selective small molecule inhibitor of integrin αVβ8 and αVβ1 that has single agent activity and potentiates immune checkpoint blockade therapy

Poster #1292 introduces an analysis pipeline for analyzing multiplex imaging (MIBI) data aiming to uncover novel features of the tumor-immune microenvironment.

Poster #1294 “An automated machine learning framework for rapid quantification and analysis of Multiplexed Ion Beam Images (MIBI)” describes the novel feature that uses AI and allows to rapidly perform cell segmentation and classification of individual cells within a tissue image.

Live feed from a MIBIscope and a demonstration of real-time spatial phenotyping 

A live feed from a MIBIscope highlighting real-time spatial phenotype mapping was shown at our booth (#200). It was great seeing you at SITC 2022 and sharing how our technology can help you get answers quickly and help you understand the intricacies of individual cancers.

In case we missed you at SITC 2022, here is a video of the MIBIscope live feed and the real-time phenotyping demonstration we showcased in our booth.

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