Conjugation Kits

Antibody conjugation kits provide the flexibility to label your antibody of interest with the metal you desire.

  • Each kit provides 4 antibody conjugation reactions for labeling 100 ug of antibody
  • Tailor your staining panel to meet your needs
  • Antibodies must be free of BSA and other proteins
  • Compatible with IHC antibody
  • Workflow similar to classic IHC antibody labeling

Each kit contains: Preloaded MIBItag, Buffer 2, Buffer 3, Buffer 4, Buffer 5, 50-kDa Amicon Ultra Filter, Antibody collection tube and label.

LabelProductCatalog NumberSDS
89YMIBItag Conjugation Kit_89Y (4rxn)600089Y SDS
113InMIBItag Conjugation Kit_113In (4rxn)600113In SDS
115InMIBItag Conjugation Kit_115In (4rxn)600115In SDS
141PrMIBItag Conjugation Kit_141Pr (4rxn)600141Pr SDS
142NdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_142Nd (4rxn)600142Nd SDS
143NdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_143Nd (4rxn)600143Nd SDS
144NdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_144Nd (4rxn)600144Nd SDS
145NdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_145Nd (4rxn)600145Nd SDS
146NdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_146Nd (4rxn)600146Nd SDS
147SmMIBItag Conjugation Kit_147Sm (4rxn)600147Sm SDS
148NdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_148Nd (4rxn)600148Nd SDS
149SmMIBItag Conjugation Kit_149Sm (4rxn)600149Sm SDS
150NdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_150Nd (4rxn)600150Nd SDS
151EuMIBItag Conjugation Kit_151Eu (4rxn)600151Eu SDS
152SmMIBItag Conjugation Kit_152Sm (4rxn)600152Sm SDS
153EuMIBItag Conjugation Kit_153Eu (4rxn)600153Eu SDS
154SmMIBItag Conjugation Kit_154Sm (4rxn)600154Sm SDS
155GdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_155Gd (4rxn)600155Gd SDS
156GdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_156Gd (4rxn)600156Gd SDS
157GdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_157Gd (4rxn)600157Gd SDS
158GdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_158Gd (4rxn)600158Gd SDS
159TbMIBItag Conjugation Kit_159Tb (4rxn)600159Tb SDS
160GdMIBItag Conjugation Kit_160Gd (4rxn)600160Gd SDS
161DyMIBItag Conjugation Kit_161Dy (4rxn)600161Dy SDS
162DyMIBItag Conjugation Kit_162Dy (4rxn)600162Dy SDS
163DyMIBItag Conjugation Kit_163Dy (4rxn)600163Dy SDS
164DyMIBItag Conjugation Kit_164Dy (4rxn)600164Dy SDS
165HoMIBItag Conjugation Kit_165Ho (4rxn)600165Ho SDS
166ErMIBItag Conjugation Kit_166Er (4rxn)600166Er SDS
167ErMIBItag Conjugation Kit_167Er (4rxn)600167Er SDS
168ErMIBItag Conjugation Kit_168Er (4rxn)600168Er SDS
169TmMIBItag Conjugation Kit_169Tm (4rxn)600169Tm SDS
170ErMIBItag Conjugation Kit_170Er (4rxn)600170Er SDS
171YbMIBItag Conjugation Kit_171Yb (4rxn)600171Yb SDS
172YbMIBItag Conjugation Kit_172Yb (4rxn)600172Yb SDS
173YbMIBItag Conjugation Kit_173Yb (4rxn)600173Yb SDS
174YbMIBItag Conjugation Kit_174Yb (4rxn)600174Yb SDS
175LuMIBItag Conjugation Kit_175Lu (4rxn)600175Lu SDS
176YbMIBItag Conjugation Kit_176Yb (4rxn)600176Yb SDS

Learn more about MIBI Technology, a multiplex IHC technology with unmatched sensitivity and true subcellular resolution.

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