Field Maintenance and Remote Support to Fit Your Needs

A customer’s success is dependent on many things. From initial interest to installation and throughout the lifetime of the instrument, Ionpath Customer Success provides our users with dedicated and personalized support to ensure their instruments maintain maximized uptime and optimized productivity.

Ionpath offers a one year warranty with our systems and customers may purchase up to 3 years of tiered service agreements. Ionpath’s maintenance service agreements offer solutions to fit and match individual customer requirements to ensure the highest standards of reliability and productivity.

Success Basic – Our most affordable option for MIBIscope users. Covers Preventative Maintenance and Remote Support to keep your system running smoothly.

Success Enhanced – Our plan keeps your instrument up and running with scheduled maintenance including replacing parts with defined life expectancy.

Success Premium – Our most extensive plan providing our customers with all services and support needed to ensure peace of mind. Includes everything from annual training to complete feature upgrades.

To learn more about our support options, please reach out to us at

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