Data Visualization

MIBItracker Software’s unique, cloud-based repository lets you easily review slide and image data, and it’s easily accessible through a web browser. You can customize the display for each image or image set including selecting channels for overlay, setting channel relative intensity, pixel smoothing, and channel pseudo-color. Images can also be exported as raw grayscale multi-layer TIFF files for subsequent analysis in third-party packages such as Fiji, HALO®, VisioPharm® and QuPath. Our MIBItracker API lets you easily integrate the software into your analysis workflows. 

MIBItracker Demo

Use our MIBItracker demo to view images from the Cell publication – A Structured Tumor-Immune Microenvironment in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Revealed by Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging by Keren et al.
You can select the targets of interest, assign the desired color and use the sliders to customize the visualization. 

*For best and optimized experience of MIBItracker demo, please view the demo in desktop environment.

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Detection of Lamin A-C (yellow), FOXP3 (orange), CD68 (red), CD31 (green), CD8 (light blue), keratin (blue) and dsDNA (purple) in a tonsil sample.
MIBI Technology - Thymus segmentation
Cell segmentation in thymus sample with expression of CD11c (yellow), CD56 (green), CD68 (orange) and keratin (light blue). Double-stranded DNA is in purple.
MIBI Technology - Melanoma Staining
Detection of CD20 (green), FOXP3 (yellow), SOX10 (blue), Na-K-ATPase (light blue) and CD3 (magenta) in a melanoma sample.
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