Conjugated Antibodies

IONpath offers IHC validated antibodies to obtain optimal performance and save you time and money in extensive validation.

  • Each lot of conjugated antibody is quality control tested by MIBI analysis of stained tissue microarray
  • Results are verified by a board certified pathologist
  • Volume: 100uL with a recommended usage of 1uL per 100 uL staining volume


ProteinConjugated AntibodyCatalog Number
ArginaseArginase_150 [EPR6672(B)]715001-100
CD3CD3_159 [D7A6E]715901-100
CD3CD3_159 [MRQ-39]715903-100
CD4CD4_143 [EPR6855]714301-100
CD8CD8_158 [C8/144B]715801-100
CD11cCD11c_144 [EP1347Y]714401-100
CD20CD20_167 [L26]716701-100
CD21CD21_170 [EP3093]717001-100
CD31CD31_152 [EP3095]715201-100
CD45CD45_175 [2B11 & PD7/26]717501-100
CD45ROCD45RO_161 [UCHL1]716101-100
CD56CD56_151 [MRQ-42]715101-100
CD68CD68_156 [D4B9C]715601-100
CD117CD117_155 [YR145]715501-100
CD163CD163_142 [EPR14643-36]714201-100
Cytokeratin 5Cytokeratin 5_165 [EP1601Y]716503-100
DC-SIGNDC-SIGN_173 [DCN46]717301-100
dsDNAdsDNA_89 [3519 DNA]708901-100
Histone H3Histone H3_115 [D1H2]711501-100
HLA Class 1HLA Class 1_160 [EMR8-5]716001-100
HLA Class 1HLA Class I_176 [EMR8-5]717602-100
HLA-DRHLA-DR_172 [EPR3692]717201-100
IDO1IDO1_171 [EPR20374]717101-100
KeratinKeratin_165 [AE1/AE3]716501-100
LAG3LAG3_147 [17B4]714701-100
MPOMPO_168 [E1E7l]716801-100
Na/K-ATPaseNa/K-ATPase_176 [D4Y7E]717601-100
PD-1PD-1_148 [D4W2J]714801-100
PD-L1PD-L1_149 [E1L3N]714901-100
PodoplaninPodoplanin_170 [D2-40]717002-100
TIM-3TIM-3_162 [EPR22241]716201-100
VimentinVimentin_163 [D21H3]716301-100
β-tubulinβ-tubulin_166 [D3U1W]716601-100
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IONpath is dedicated to continued R&D investment in updating our catalog of conjugated antibodies
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