Na/K-ATPase Antibody – 176Yb

Catalog: 717601                                            Clone: D4Y7E                                         Isotype: Rabbit IgG
Reactivity: Human*
Storage: Na/K-ATPase antibody is supplied in antibody stabilizer with 0.05% sodium azide. Store at 4°C
IHC: Na/K-ATPase antibody staining  of FFPE human tonsil
MIBI: Na/K-ATPase antibody staining  (cyan) of FFPE human tonsil, counterstained with dsDNA  (magenta)
IHC: Na/K-ATPase antibody staining  of FFPE human liver
MIBI: Na/K-ATPase antibody staining  (cyan) of FFPE human liver,  counterstained with   dsDNA (magenta)
Background: Na/ K-ATPase is a widely expressed membrane protein that functions as an ion pore, exporting sodium and importing potassium. The alpha, beta and FXYD subunits combine to form Na/K-ATPase. The regulation of intracellular concentrations of various ions control signaling pathways and other enzymatic processes, such as neurotransmitter re-uptake in astrocytes. Na/K-ATPase activity is regulated through multiple phosphorylation sites. Mutations in the alpha subunit of Na/K-ATPase, in particular, have been shown to adversely impact ionic homeostasis, contributing to neurological disease.

Validation: Each lot of conjugated Na/K-ATPase antibody is quality control tested by MIBIscope™ analysis of stained tissue microarray using the appropriate positive and negative tissue field of views and are pathologist verified.

Recommended Usage: 1 uL of Na/K-ATPase antibody per 100 uL staining volume using the MIBI™ Staining Protocol.
For optimal results, antibody should be titrated for each desired application.  Suggested starting range is 1:100.

MIBI technology: Learn more about MIBI Technology, a multiplex IHC technology with unmatched sensitivity and true subcellular resolution.


  • Clausen, M.V., Hilbers, F. and Poulsen H. (2017) The Structure and Function of the Na,K-ATPase Isoforms in Health and Disease. Front. Physiol. 8:371. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.00371

* Conjugate tested on human tissue.

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