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Interrogate the tumor microenvironment


Ionpath Research Services provides custom tissue imaging and analysis of the tumor microenvironment to enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate discovery and development in immuno-oncology.

By leveraging our proprietary MIBIscope™ multiplexed imaging platform and multi-disciplinary team of expert scientists, we are able to empower researchers to develop the next generation of immunotherapies and targeted therapies.

  • Uncover mechanisms of action and identify responder populations
  • Comprehensive profiling of immune infiltrate
  • Reveal correlations between particular immune populations and patient response
  • Quantification of checkpoint marker expression on a single-cell basis

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  • Staining, imaging, and analysis of 10 slides, stained with up to 40 markers
  • Comprehensive enumeration of cells in the tumor microenvironment
  • Quantification of checkpoint markers
  • Proximity analysis of intercellular interactions

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Expert data analysis to transform images into insight

Expert analysis of the tumor microenvironment with the most advanced imaging technology and data science available

We have built a specialized toolkit and expert team to turn high dimensional images into useable information, including single-cell statistics, spatial proximity scores and quantitative protein expression information.

We then transform that information into actionable insights using robust statistical methods and machine learning to help uncover mechanism of action and identify responder populations.

Achieve your objectives with our streamlined approach

Research Services Workflow

Projects defined in collaboration with our Expert Team

Our expert team of immunologists, pathologists and data scientists will work with you to define a project plan, including a bespoke staining panel and custom analyses, to meet your experimental objectives.

Staining. MIBI is compatible with all common sample types including fresh-frozen and FFPE tissue

Start with one of our pre-validated panels and customize it with additional markers of your choosing. We have pre-validated panels for both human and mouse tissue. If you have an antibody that works by conventional IHC, we’ll likely be able to validate it for MIBI.

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Imaging. All imaging is done with the proprietary MIBIscope™ system

We can image ten slides or hundreds of samples, and all imaging is overseen by a board-certified pathologist ensuring consistency throughout data acquisition.

Analysis. Images are analyzed by our data science team to yield insights into the tumor microenvironment

Standard analyses include comprehensive enumeration of immune cell populations, quantification of checkpoint marker expression on a single-cell basis, and spatial profiling. For example, we can quantify the proximity of effector cells, such as PD-1+, CD8+ T cells, to target cells, such as proliferating PD-L1+ tumor cells, and generate a host of similar statistics in order to differentiate responders from non-responders.

All data can be made available through MIBItracker, our interactive, cloud-based data visualization tool.

See our Premade Antibody Panels

Leverage our multi-disciplinary team to accelerate your research

Our team is comprised of experts with deep experience in pathology, immuno-oncology and bioinformatics. Our scientists have published in Cell, Nature, Science and PNAS and have conducted research at leading institutions, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale and MIT.

Detailed communication, close collaboration, and disciplined project management ensure successful progress and on-time completion of objectives.

Our in-house scientists will collaborate closely with you and manage assay development, reagent validation, tissue staining, imaging and scanning. Then our bioinformatics team will analyze the data and provide you with spatial information and quantitative single-cell analysis. You’ll have fully analyzed data at your fingertips and complete access to our internal experts, so you can get to the next steps in your project faster.

Quality & Reproducibility

Quality is at the core of our process

Consistent data quality is maintained across large cohort studies with multiple layers of controls. All antibody validation is conducted across a variety of tissue types and according to the standards of the College of American Pathology.

“I bring the same quality standards to Ionpath that I employed as a medical director in clinical practice.”
— Jessica Finn, MD

Director of Pathology

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