Webinar | Spatial Profiling of Metabolic Regulation 

Spatial Profiling of Metabolic Regulation in the Human Tumor Microenvironment Using Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging

Presented by: Dr. Felix J. Hartmann, Stanford University

Originally aired March 17, 2021 on GenomeWeb


Metabolism drives cell behavior, including immune cell activation, differentiation, and effector functions. However, current technologies for the analysis of cellular metabolism lack single-cell resolution and simultaneous characterization of cellular phenotype.

In this webinar, Felix J. Hartmann of Stanford University will describe an approach that characterizes the metabolic regulome of individual cells together with their phenotypic identity. The method, termed single-cell metabolic regulome profiling (scMEP), quantifies proteins that regulate metabolic pathway activity using high-dimensional antibody-based technologies. Dr. Hartmann and colleagues employed single-cell approaches to benchmark scMEP against bulk metabolic assays by reconstructing the metabolic remodeling of in vitro-activated naive and memory CD8+ T cells.

Combining this method with multiplexed ion beam imaging by time of flight (MIBI-TOF), Dr. Hartmann’s team uncovered the spatial organization of metabolic programs in human tissues, which indicated the existence of metabolic niches and exclusion of metabolically repressed immune cells from the tumor–immune boundary.

Dr. Hartmann will discuss how this approach enables robust approximation of metabolic and functional states in individual cells and tissues.

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